Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Breaking Up Over Britney Spears??? "Two & Half Men" Producers Furious!

The rumor around town is that Demi and Ashton are splitting up after six years of marriage....

The two people that helped older women date younger men across the world...may now be calling it quits!

Sources are saying theey have been living apart "for months" and that the couple is headed for a $290 million divorce.

The cause for the split?

Rumor has it, the new Two and a Half Men star has cheated on his wife multiple times, including with Britney Spears. O_0

But why are the producers of "Two And A Half Men" so angry?

They are reportedly furious with Ashton for using his new exposure on the show to peddle companies in which he has a financial stake in the form of a customized laptop.

On the show Ashton plays internet billionaire Walden Schmidt, and just eight minutes into the second episode of the season, viewers saw the laptop emblazoned with all sorts of decals. They were for Foursquare, Hipmunk, Flipboard and GroupMe.

We're assuming the advertisers did not pay for their appearance on the show...and that's why the producers are so angry. But somehow the decals managed to get passed everyone at CBS....


The plot thickens.....Ashton and Demi have UNFOLLOWED each other on twitter.


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